Workers Party of Massachusetts Endorses Five Candidates for 2022 Elections



Workers Party of Massachusetts Endorses Five Candidates for 2022 Elections 


Randolph MA - On October 2nd the Workers Party of Massachusetts held an organizing conference during which we announced our plans for independent socialist electoral activity in 2022, amended the Workers Party Constitution and Program to reflect growth in our organization and changes in political conditions, summed up our past two years of activity, and discussed our participation in mass movements for revolutionary change. Members in attendance at the conference also voted unanimously to endorse five Workers Party candidates for the 2022 elections to the Massachusetts Legislature.


The candidates endorsed on October 2nd are Jake Zawalich of North Oxford running for State Senate in the Worcester and Norfolk District, Laura Saylor of Mansfield running for State Senate in the Bristol and Norfolk District, James Weckbacher of Plymouth running for State Representative in the 1st Plymouth District, Brandon Griffin of Whitman running for State Representative in the 7th Plymouth District, and Nick Giannone of Weymouth running for State Representative in the 4th Norfolk District. These candidates will officially launch their campaigns in the coming weeks and there are plans to announce more Workers Party candidates over the next several months. 


The Workers Party of Massachusetts stands for political independence of the working class and against support for the parties of capitalism. The capitalist ruling class already has two political parties of their own. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are organizations built to uphold the unjust capitalist system. Members of the Workers Party of Massachusetts believe that until the working class develops a party of our own we will continue to be used and betrayed by parties that rule against our interests.


The Workers Party Program states “The working class needs an independent political organization of our own. We need a workers party that rejects capitalism and fights for a socialist future. A genuine workers party needs to rely on mass working class support, reject corporate money and influence, and use election campaigns to expose the true nature of the system and to build power in the streets. By uniting in political action around a revolutionary socialist program we can begin to build working class power.”

The Workers Party of Massachusetts is encouraging everyone who supports independent working class socialist political activity to register to vote with the Workers Party political designation, support our candidates by donating to the Workers Party Political action committee, and build the Workers Party in their own communities. Those interested in getting involved can visit our website at for more information. Workers Party candidates listed above can be reached at (617) 297-7239 or [email protected].  




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