Workers Party Candidates Begin Gathering Signatures for 2024 Election



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Workers Party Candidates Begin Gathering Signatures for 2024 Election


Boston - Four members of the Workers Party of Massachusetts have taken out nomination papers to run for office in the 2024 election. Brandon J. Griffin (candidate for United States Senate), Laura Saylor (candidate for State Senate for the Bristol and Norfolk District), John Rivera (candidate for State Senate in the Hampden and Hampshire District), and Andrew Nelson (candidate for State Representative in the 2nd Bristol District) will begin gathering signatures immediately to secure their places on the November ballot.


These campaigns will be mobilizing volunteers in the coming weeks to reach out to voters for signatures and to register people with the Workers Party designation. Members and supporters of the Workers Party of Massachusetts will also draw on our involvement in organized labor, tenants’ rights and housing justice struggles, efforts to stop the ongoing genocide in Palestine, campaigns to defund and abolish the police, and our connections with numerous other mass movements to promote our candidates and political program. The Workers Party invites everyone interested in volunteering for this effort to get in touch through our website at 


The Workers Party of Massachusetts was formed in 2020 and became an official political designation in 2021. Our candidates received a combined total of over 58,000 votes in the 2022 election. Members of the Workers Party believe that the capitalist class already has two political parties and both the Democratic and Republican parties are organizations built to uphold the capitalist system. The Workers Party program states that the working class needs an independent party of our own that rejects capitalism and fights for a socialist future. The Workers Party of Massachusetts believes that our candidates’ participation in these campaigns will be a step on the road to working class political power and a revolutionary transformation of society. 




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