Brandon James Griffin for US Senate Candidate Announcement

Brandon James Griffin for US Senate Candidate Announcement


9/4/2023 - Today, I am announcing that I have accepted the nomination to be the Workers Party of Massachusetts Candidate for The US Senate seat currently held by Elizabeth Warren. 


I accept this nomination not out of ambition or for personal gain but out of necessity in these days of worsening conditions for the working class. 


I am honored to represent an independent working class political party and will hold true, the principles of revolutionary socialism as outlined in our party program.


Both the Democratic and Republican parties are organizations built to uphold the capitalist system. These parties have differences among themselves when it comes to the specific ways that the working class should be exploited but they are united in their commitment to a destructive system that has outlived its usefulness. Until we develop a Workers Party of our own we will continue to be used and betrayed by these parties that rule against our interests.


In the past 6 years alone the Republican and Democrat duopoly, as represented by Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and in Massachusetts by Elizabeth Warren have worked together to: 


- Mismanage a global pandemic, costing millions of lives.


- Intervene in labor disputes on behalf of the capitalist class and against the workers - the most egregious case being Joe Biden and Congress acting to break a railroad strike and diminish the power of rail unions. 


- Continue funding NATO aggression in Ukraine and the US imperialist war machine. The endless flow of tax dollars for militarism is a massive theft from the working class.


The Workers Party of Massachusetts has entrusted me to deliver our message and represent our goals for a revolutionary transformation of society. A society free of capitalism and the many injustices it creates and perpetuates - endless war, police oppression, unequal access to health care, homelessness and housing insecurity, mass incarceration, environmental destruction, and bigotry.


The working class in the United States has never experienced freedom in our working lives but we've experienced the brutality of the free market and although it may seem hopeless at times I can assure you there is a world within reach beyond the capitalist system of exploitation, a better world. 


In the words of 20th century union organizer and Socialist Party politician Eugene Debs:


"I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don't want, and get it"


"The capitalist class despises a working class party. Why should the working class give their support to a capitalist class party? Capitalist misrule under which workingmen suffer slavery and the most galling injustice exists only because it has workingmen's support. Withdraw that support and capitalism is dead.


The capitalists can enslave and rob the workers only by the consent of the workers when they cast their ballots on election day. Every vote cast for a capitalist party, whatever its name, is a vote for wage-slavery, for poverty and degradation---"


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